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To measure your horse for a blanket, start at the center of your horse’s chest and run a cloth tape measure along his side to the point of the buttocks where the “cheek” meets the tail. Include the widest part of his shoulder, and keep the tape measure level and taut (we suggest having a friend help you). The number of inches is your horse’s true size (note: some blanket brands run a little large or small, so we recommend checking out the hundreds and hundreds of product reviews left by horse owners like you!).

A well-fitting blanket will keep your horse warm and comfy, but an ill-fitting blanket can restrict movement, cause rubs, shift, or get tangled. Test the blanket’s fit by watching your horse walk and graze in it. These natural movements will highlight flaws in the fit. 

Evaluate the fit in three key areas:

  1. Shoulders: The top of the front closure should line up with the point of your horse’s shoulder, and the neckline should lie smoothly above his shoulder without pulling.
  2. Withers: A blanket that’s pulled tight across your horse’s withers is a recipe for rubs. You should be able to slide one hand between the blanket and your horse’s withers.
  3. Length: A blanket shouldn’t look like a mini-skirt or a bed skirt. Ideally you
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